My 23andMe Results are In!

12/6/2011 2 comment(s)
I have to preface this post by saying that it is mainly for my non-genealogy friends and family. So, if you are already a fan of 23andme, this post is going to sound like I’m preaching to the choir. If you are not familiar with 23andme then read on...

I gotta go on record and say that I am not affiliated with 23andMe, nor am I being compensated in anyway for this post. I’m just really that pleased with them. is a research company that specializes in ancestry and genetics.

About a month ago, 23andMe had a promotion, where they were offering their normally $99 DNA kit for FREE. Yes, I said free. They even paid for the shipping and handling. What was the catch, you ask? The catch, if you want to call it that, is that 23andMe uses your data for anonymous research. And what do you get?

So glad you asked. For starters, you get your “Ancestry Painting” which is a map of your 22 biparental chromosomes. Don’t worry. 23andMe will walk you through what all of this technical mumbo jumbo means. And I, for one, needed that help. Below, I’m sharing my DNA markers, so you can see what is included.

Now, I was expecting that part. But here is the added bonus. 23andMe also sends you a comprehensive list of reports concerning your health and the genetic likelihood of developing certain medical issues. This information could prove to be extremely useful, especially for those who may not know the medical history for their parents. Of course I chose to pick a flattering report, but let me share an example with you. In the report entitled Muscle Performance, I learned all about a gene called ACTN3. Although there are lots of different genes that affect physicality, ACTN3 is one of the genes common among sprinters. My genotype, CC, revealed “two working copies of alpha-actinin-3 in fast-twitch muscle fiber. Many world-class sprinters and some endurance athletes have this type of genotype.” For the record, I’m far from a sprinter, unless we’re talking about sprinting to the fridge. But for the ancestrally curious, you will find great satisfaction in knowing what illnesses to which you may be genetically prone, to include heart disease, breast cancer and parkinson’s disease, among many others.

The final genea-nugget 23andMe offers is the “Sharing & Community” Section that allows you to share your reports with family members, compare genes and even see (limited information) about other people in the 23andMe community, with an option to contact them. The part I like best, is you choose your comfort level. If you don’t care to know your Health results, you don’t have to see them. If you choose not to interact with those who share genetic markers, you don’t have to. And I like that.

So, consider submitting a DNA sample to 23andMe. Family and friends, I will be sending you all emails, when and if the free promo returns. In the mean time, I find it well worth the $99 investment. Alright, so what say you?

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Taneya Wednesday, December 07, 2011 - 3:26:03 AM
glad to see your results are back! what is your maternal haplogroup?
Amy (Admin) Wednesday, December 07, 2011 - 3:30:19 AM
According to my results, my maternal Haplogroup is L3b1a. The whole thing is fascinating to me! Also, thank you, Taneya for sharing your results. Your post was one of several that motivated me to share mine. Follow Taneya's 23andMe Journey at: -AMY

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