Happy Four-Year Bloggiversary to ME!

2/19/2014 1 comment(s)

Happy Four-Year Bloggiversary to ME!

Well, Genealogy Family, believe it or not, it has been four years since I launched Reconnected Roots! I am in awe of how quickly the time has passed and somewhat disappointed at how many posts did not make it from my mind to my website. Don’t get me wrong; I am pleased at many of the writings submitted over the last few years. In fact, I used last week’s winter snow storm to review all the posts I’d previously written. But there really is much more that I’d like to share. So that you guys can keep me accountable, here is my short list of goals planned for 2014:

  • An update on the mysterious life of Cora Tinsley Martin, my Great Grandmother. After all, she was one of the primary reasons I started Reconnected Roots.

  • An investigation on the ancestry of Mr. Jesse Brown, the first African American Aviator in the U.S., as well as the first African American Officer to be killed in the Korean War. It has been rumored that Brown and my family of Browns are descendants of a common ancestor. I have decided to put the rumor mill to rest and either prove or dispel via genealogical documents.

  • To help at least one new family history buff to get organized and take their data online! So many helped and encouraged me that I would be amiss if I
    didn’t do the same for someone else.

  • ROAD TRIP!! I used to relish planning an all-day excursion at the archives. It was the ultimate “spa day” for me! As with most things, when you break your routine, it is difficult to get back on track. I don’t know if my schedule now will permit me to go monthly, as before. But I can certainly start with one trip and see if I can get back in my rhythm.

  • Catch up on my blog reading. Okay, so none of us is ever really “caught up” on the blog reading, especially because there are so many well-written blogs that I enjoy. But I am going to read your posts more regularly and leave you my feedback, because I admit I love it when you guys leave me yours.

Alright, that is plenty for now. I have many posts in my head; I just need to get them on (cyber) paper. Thank You to all of you who have me on your favorite bloggers list! In 2014, I will try to live up to that!

Until Next Time,


Luckie Daniels Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 11:09:27 AM
Happy to see you celebrating your BIG 4 Amy & returning to blog! I'm a believer in taking rest & an advocate of picking-up & getting going. I think the Ancestors know exactly when to call us & when to allow us hiatus. Maybe Ms. Cora has something interesting to tell us in the year ahead? Proud of you!:)

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