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9/7/2010 1 comment(s)
For those of you who do not know, I have an overwhelming, personal interest in the story of Father Divine and the International Peace Mission. If you missed the post on my Great Grandmother, Cora, you can catch up here on how this fits in with genealogy and my family history.

In my quest to find out more about her life and ultimately her death, I became acquainted Father Divine’s adopted son, Tommy Garcia. Tommy’s quest, much like my own started out of a need for truth, answers and resolution.

In fact, as fate would have it, Tommy was the catalyst for my friendship with Tom McKnight. Yes, I know. Reconnected Roots has not been the same since Tom McKnight was here! His presence is sorely missed. But for those of you who enjoyed his 3-part series, know that he still follows this blog and reads all the comments. Additionally, I plan to ask him to write a post chronicling his ancestor’s life with Father Divine and the International Peace Mission.

Earlier this year, the three of us, myself, Tommy and Tom participated in a series of interviews with a nationally recognized writer J.F. Pirro out of Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Part I of the story is out! See Prodigal Son (Part I) By the way, Part II will be out in October, and rumor has it, that there is a mention of Cora in Part II, so stay tuned!

Here's the Story: Prodigal Son by J. F. Pirro

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Tom McKnight Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 4:41:26 AM
Hello Reconnected Roots Family,
My friend Amy makes me blush with such kind words. Thank you Amy for that kind introduction. It is indeed a very special spiritual journey that brought the three of us, Tommy' (squared) and Amy together. I do believe God and the ancestors are in concert to bring closure to the pain, senses of loss and deprived relationships to bear. If nothing more, the knowledge of what happened to our loved ones in that institution is the least the organization can provide to those long separated and denied access of, and to, their loved ones.

As truth, and light will always prevail, it is only a matter of time when some of these long standing generational and agonizing questions will be answered.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, a lessons learned experience will have been gleaned and, through (his)-story and (our)-stories (as collective experiences), future generations will guard against similiar circumstances from occurring regardless of the destitute and challenging conditions of the times.

This is one chapter of our collectively shared lives that should not be allowed to repeat itself; anything less, and history will have failed its mission and purpose; and that is, to ensure that the mistakes and the practices of the past are not repeated in the future.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, other' won't witness their loved ones fall prey to people thrust into positions of power under the guise of 'remedying the suffering of the masses'. There is only one Biblical entity that has the sole power and authority to do that - God.

We shall see what Mr. Pirro's research yields and hopefully, while Grandmother Cora's story may surface sufficiently enough to provide some degree of closure to the bleeding hearts and searching souls for answers among us, perhaps the same will yield the presence of Aunt Chaney Missouri Watkins ("Sunshine Flowers"); a relative I never had the privilege of meeting or to speak to because of the Mission's restrictive policies regarding 'the outside world'.

With these few preliminary and spontaneous thoughts prompted by my good friend Amy, I wish you all - as usual,
Peace, Love and Strength,
Warmest regards,


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