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6/17/2010 2 comment(s)
I am overdue with a hearty Thank You for my friend, Tom McKnight. As you all know I took a week to myself, away from the PC. I called Tom and asked him to venture into uncharted territory and man the blog while I was away. Needless to say, Tom is an outstanding, eloquent writer. So, he seemed like the perfect fit. Fearlessly, he took the baton and wrote a –not one—not two – but three part article! (If you missed it, start here, to catch up) I was pleased beyond reason. I’ve said it privately, and now I just want to thank him publicly. Tom, you did an amazing job here, at Reconnected Roots. Thank you for sharing your family history with us. You are part of the blogging family here and welcome to return at any time!

One more thing, Tom welcomes feedback and communication, especially in reference to any of his family lines mentioned in his posts. To contact him directly, drop him a line here. Or send me a note and I’ll put you in contact.

Speaking of family, I have wonderful cousin, in Florida who faithfully reads my blog. To my wonderful cousin, you know who you are, your turn in “the driver’s seat” is coming up. You are an eloquent, well-versed writer and it is time to share a couple of your memories of our family history with our audience! There! You’ve been called out! *smile*

Until Next Time,


Tom McKnight Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 5:07:33 AM
To: The Reconnected Roots Family,
Though I was invited to venture into the "unchartered territory" of the blog world, thanks to all who shared their comments, interest, support encouragement and understanding of the arduous road we all face in reconnecting our roots, the venture (and adventure) into unchartered territory as virtual pioneers is what inner and outer world discovery and success is all about.

Whether it is exploring the ends of the earth thinking that one will drop off the edge when the horizon or barriers of the inner mind take hold or whether it is the experience of donning space suits, strapped atop a Saturn V rocket headed for the stars, unchartered territories and the opportunity to conquor the unknown by succumbing to the mere challenge of undertaking something new is a liberating and growth experience.

Those who I have met on this site have raised my level of awareness in many ways that touch the physical and spirtual part of my being.
I thank you all for your thoughts, experience and words of encouragement and shared personal wisdoms.

One - we - all, need that from time to time. So, given the opportunity to publically express my appreciation to my good friend Amy I am equally pleased at the opportunity to publically express my appreciation having acquired new friends at this site.

As it is said that "water seeks its own level" I'm in a very good place supported by a very good vessel.

I look forward to our continued successes and the ability to share such through new and emerging platforms. Have a blessed day and a continued safe journey to new inner and outer world discovery.

Peace, Love and Strength,

Clarence Haggins Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 5:08:04 AM
I am truly intrigued and inspired by the genealogy and history that I have been reading. Such great research, compilation and presentation can only be accomplish with the love and affection you have for what you are doing. It is great information and educational for all your readers. I am enjoying the ride as a Back Seat Passenger, keep driving Amy, the scenery is beautiful from where I'm sitting.

Your "wonderful Cousin"

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