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9/7/2010 1 comment(s)
For those of you who do not know, I have an overwhelming, personal interest in the story of Father Divine and the International Peace Mission. If you missed the post on my Great Grandmother, Cora, you can catch up here on how this fits in with genealogy and my family history.

In my quest to find out more about her life and ultimately her death, I became acquainted Father Divine’s adopted son, Tommy Garcia. Tommy’s quest, much like my own started out of a need for truth, answers and resolution.

In fact, as fate would have it, Tommy was the catalyst for my friendship with Tom McKnight. Yes, I know. Reconnected Roots has not been the same since Tom McKnight was here! His presence is sorely missed. But for those of you who enjoyed his 3-part series, know that he still follows this blog and reads all the comments. Additionally, I plan to ask him to write a post chronicling his ancestor’s life with Father Divine and the International Peace Mission.

Earlier this year, the three of us, myself, Tommy and Tom participated in a series of interviews with a nationally recognized writer J.F. Pirro out of Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Part I of the story is out! See Prodigal Son (Part I) By the way, Part II will be out in October, and rumor has it, that there is a mention of Cora in Part II, so stay tuned!

Here's the Story: Prodigal Son by J. F. Pirro

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