Treasure Chest Thursday

7/8/2010 4 comment(s)

My Aunt Dorris shares her Mother's Bible
Many of you know I recently spent some time with my Great Aunt, who by the way is 97 years young! She is alert, independent, gracious and sharp. I had not seen her since I was a little girl, but we visited as if we had seen each other last week.

During my stay, she shared with me her Mother’s Bible. Her mother, Cora Tinsley Martin, was born in 1893 and is the focus of my ongoing inquiry into Father Divine and the International Peace Mission. Who's that, you say? Read here if you puzzled.

Aunt Dorris keeps meticulous records and when the subject of her Mother’s handwriting came up, she retrieved this invaluable heirloom, which in the margin has notes written by her mother. Aware of its value she keeps this bible, secured in plastic, away from the sun, dust or other perils. The pages are torn and tattered, the spine detached from its binding, but all I could think about was that this Bible belonged to my Great-Grandmother. She clearly studied it, noted it, prayed with it and then saw fit to send it back home to her daughter.

Aunt Dorris doesn’t need anyone to tell her the value of this heirloom, as although she shared this beauty with me, she made sure I did not handle it! And that was just fine with me. I was honored and grateful that she shared her most prized family antique with me and all of the stories that went along with it.



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