Madness Monday!

2/22/2010 7 comment(s)
Who are you, Little Girl? This is what I ask her, as she stares back at me, with that “You should know” look on her face. My husband and I discovered her in 2008 among a stack of photos lent to us, by his mother. The photo, silver and blue with a flaky texture, as best as I can tell is glued to an old blue and white paper frame. There was no identifying information on the back. No date. No name or caption. Just the idle doodles of a child’s restless hand and some adult's mathematical computations.

As my mother in law is now in a rest home, she cannot clearly see, let alone recall the subject of the photo. This little girl is definitely in our family. She carries distinctive Wright features. But whose child is this? To help narrow it down, I’m asking my Genea-Friends to help weigh in on what you can surmise about her from the photo. Do her clothes give you any idea of the year the photo was taken? How about the background of the photo or even her hairstyle?

First Post!

2/14/2010 12 comment(s)
My first post! This is exciting, and for me, a huge step. I started researching our family history, casually, in 2001. At that time it was a a mere hobby. If only it had come with a narcotic warning: "Extremely addictive and habit-forming!"

By 2003, I was getting up in the middle of the night to write down an idea for a lead or a theory on what may have happened to whom. By 2006, I had taken my genealogy on the road and was venturing out to towns unknown, in search of records. However, until just this very moment, I had never publicly shared any of my findings.

Sure, I had given copies of death certificates to family members. But the idea of sharing with an audience unknown; the internet, no less, was frightening. My living relatives had convinced me that it would surely lead to a corporate identity theft! Then there were others who chastised me for forgetting that family business is kept indoors.

But the voices that speak the loudest are the cheers of approval from those being researched. The silent nod of appreciation and approval I get from our ancestors is permission enough to proceed. It is for them, that I write. They did not have time or means to document their story, while living. So, here I am in 2010, trying to fill in the dots and paint a picture of things that happened far before my time.

Won't you join me?


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