This is the African-American Genealogy Website Dedicated to Researching and the retelling of our Ancestor's story. You won't find much about the living here, as they are fully able to speak for themselves. However, there were many who came before us, who have lessons to offer. They did not have use of the internet to blog, or even have time to keep journals. But they did leave us bits and pieces of clues. The clues are the reason for this website. If we can piece together the story of our ancestors, we can gain a glimpse of how they lived, what burdens they carried and ultimately how they prevailed. The hope is with that knowledge, each of us will gain a sense of respect and pride for those that traveled here before us. The goal is that the retelling of their lives will empower us to make the most of ours.

At present this site is still under construction. So, please come back and come back often. In addition, this is the first attempt at publicly sharing and networking our family research. As many of you know, it sometimes takes months or years for the slightest bit of research to surface, shedding light on your complex ancestral puzzle. Bear that in mind, as it is unknown how often or to what extent content will surface, and allow itself to be shared.

Just a quick note of Thanks to the Genealogy Blogging Community for their support and encouragement and friendly pressure in getting this site up and running. Also, thanks to my creative Sister, Gina, who came up with the site name!

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